Amie San


I've been working on my spiritual awakening and on becoming the best version of myself my entire life time. And I can tell you, it often was very hard word.


Thanks God  things have changed!

From the moment I decided to follow my souls call and stand fully behind me and my gifts with a big YES, everything became easier and easier and also a lot of fun.


I always wanted to be a writer and live in a warm country next to the sea. By creating this, one of my biggest dreams came true. Although it wasn't always easy to get there, I can say: This was the best I ever did!


So, how did I do it?


Once I learned about my gifts by doing the palm reading, I finally got prove for what I always knew deep inside. It was mind blowing to see the markings for my gifts in my palms. And this gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and follow my way straight out.


There are all together 17 gift markings. And guess what. I do have 12 of them. And not only that. Most people have one ring leader gift, I do have two. You can see it clearly in my palms. My ring leader gifts are, that I am a writer and public speaker - someone who is a master of words and that I am a healer of the healers, which means I have to work with people who heal others, no matter which way.  


Now you might think, how lucky I am having such many gifts. In a way that is true, especially once you've integrated and aligned them successfully with your souls purpose. But what happened to me was, that I got a bit lost in this abundance. There was so much to discover and develop. It took me a good while to sort it out! 


These days I know who I am, how I function and what my gifts and needs are. And this gives me the power and the opportunity to create whatever I want. Of course I still have to stick to the rules of manifestation and sometimes it takes years to realize a big dream. But that's fine.


I enjoy the journey and do what I love most - to learn and explore something new.





I was born in 1962 in Germany, where I lived until I turned 50. After school I studied the German langu-age and Sociology and while I was doing that I started my first business with a group of people. We worked on several issues in the field of ecology. My job was to be the main editor of a newspaper which reported on ecological and social issues.


When I finished my studies I stopped working for the newspaper. I started studying alternative medicine and became a naturopath and life coach. I opened my first practice and worked in hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), counselling and ear acupuncture. After some years I started working as a freelance health trainer for big companies, too.


In 2011 I followed my inner guidance, gave up my old life and moved to Australia. I'm quite happy and feel blessed to be now a part of this magnificent country. I made this step with the vision to build up a permaculture farm with animal protection. It will be called Avalon and will also be a  sanctuary and a place for spiritual growth.


In the meantime I wrote two novels and more will follow soon. I also offer life coaching, palm reading and online training, because I love to support others to fulfil their dreams, too. 


Via Skype or phone I can be contacted from any place in the world. You'll find me, too on my youtube channel 'amie san'.