Amie San


I was born in 1962 in Germany, where I lived until I was 50. After school I studied the German language and sociology and while I was doing that I started my first business with a group of people. We worked on several issues in the field of ecology. My job was the main editor of a newspaper which reported on ecological and social issues. When I finished my studies I stopped working for the newspaper. I started studying alternative medicine and became a naturopath. I opened my first practice and worked in hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (npl), counselling and ear acupuncture. After some years I started working as a freelance healthtrainer for big companies. This was wonderful work and I really loved it.


In 2011 I followed my inner guidance, gave up all this and moved to Australia. I made this step with the vision to build up a permaculture farm and a place for spiritual growing. I'm quite happy and feel blessed to be able to live in this magnificiant country. In the meantime I wrote my first novel and more will follow soon. By doing that a dream comes true. I always wanted to write books when I've turned 50 and now I do. Whenever I have time I work on the Avalon project and I offer online courses and life coaching. 


Via Skype or phone I can be contacted from any place in the world. You'll find me, too on my youtube channel 'amie san'.