• Clairvoyancy Therapy, Doreen Virtue, USA


 • Realmreader, Doreen Virtue, USA


 • Advanced Dowsing (Pendeln), Dr. Cha Zay, USA


 • Remote Influencing, Manifest your Mind,

   Dr. Cha  Zay, USA


 • Prosperety and Metaphysics, Dr. Cha Zay, USA


 • Sacred Relationships, Dr. Cha Zay, USA


 • Palmreading (Are you gifted?), Baeth Davis, USA


 • Reiki Level I, II, Master since 2001, different 

                                                                                                                                             initiations, Germany


Advanced training: psychosomatic medicine and pain, Milton Ericksson Institute, Hamburg, Germany


Advanced training: fear, depression, mental strength, Milton Ericksson Institute, Hamburg, Germany


Advanced training: stress management, Hamburg, Germany


Education as NLP practitioner, master, trainer, Bes­ser-Sieg­mund In­sti­tute, Ham­burg, Germany


Advanced training: wealth, health and self management, Ma­stery Uni­ver­si­ty An­tho­ny Rob­bins, USA


Education in hypnotherapy by Mil­ton Er­ick­son, In­sti­tute für sy­ste­mi­sches NLP,  Ham­burg, Germany


• Certified naturopath, approved by the German Health Department, Passau, Germany


Academic studies: German language, sociology, RWTH Aa­chen, Germany

  Certificate: Magister Artium (similar to masters)