How can a psychic reading help me?


Because of my psychic gifts I have the ability to read and clear your energy field.


You will learn, which colours are dominant in your aura (colours stand  for energetic qualities) and  if you have imbalances, blocks or damage in your energetic field.


There might relevant parts of your history from this life and past lives show up, which can give you disclosure why some issues recur again and again. 


You will know how your energy level is and what it needs to get everything rebalanced.


There are often knots in the energy cords and holes in the aura, that need to be untangled and fixed, which will be done in the reading as well. This is very important, if you want to fulfil your dreams. 


A psychic reading is delivered via skype or phone (1 ), where you can ask whatever you'd like to know and where all possible clearing and healing will be done, too. You will also get a mp3 audio recording.