What is your

biggest dream?


Your dreams are telling you  about your highest potential and about the best version of yourself. That means if you ask yourself about your biggest dreams, you'll get answers which represent your soul's calling. You will know what you can be if you follow it.


Can you see how fundamental it is to take your dreams seriously and to believe in yourself? But it is even more important that your highest dreams are connected to your life's purpose. If you dream of something again and again, you can be sure, that it is part of your soul plan, for this to come true. 


Can you see how much power lies in this insight?


There is no dream that is too big or unrealistic. If you can dream it, you are capable of manifesting it. Just keep in mind: the bigger the dream, the more action is needed. It won't happen by itself. You are the one who is creating your reality and only you decide how successful you will be.



How can I make my dreams come true?


Once you have named and clarified your dreams, it's important to take action towards them straight away and continuously. This is the moment when your gifts come into play. If you've had the palm-reading you'll know exactly what they are. Now it's your task to develop and to use them. This can be a struggle or can be fun, depending on your strategies and your core beliefs 


You can make it much easier by getting some support. I am here to back you with life coaching, hypnosis and energy work. I've been doing this work for more than 20 years and I have walked all these paths myself, so I know very well about the ups and downs, fears, doubts, procrastination and other distractions.


When I became an author it was a very long road until my books got published professionally and started selling, even though I had been a coach for many years.


You will need to grow into the new version of yourself and to embody it. This is a process and everybody has an individual sequence of steps that are needed to become your true self. And it's a process that will never end. But once you've figured out how it works, you can do it yourself. And by doing so, there is a wonderful side effect: you are on the way to mastery.


It's never too late to go for yourself!